the missing $3.5mil in tomas vokoun's cap hit (fiveto_midnight) wrote in ontdbayern,
the missing $3.5mil in tomas vokoun's cap hit

bundesliga match: bayern versus frankfurt (aka #stayangry and #crashthenet bayern)

Tags: #pissoffdortmund, #stayonyourfeet, Fußball, bundesliga, chains and whips don't break miro's xxx, desi didnt create this tag, deutsch with it, i'm in bayern bitch, injuries suck, jonker - not a joker merely an ace, mark van yellow card, match post, skurred, teamgeist, tooooooooooooor
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- i love mario goalmez. when he scored and grabbed the ball to bring it back to the center & try to score again, bless his heart. :')
- the refs were ridiculous. and i felt so bad for basti giving it his all trying to make them see it was a clear handball, but ok. :|
- thank god this is over. i couldn't take it anymore.
Basti needs a break. This is too much for him. He is playing with knocks
3 games to go, he's not gonna get any rest before that
its fucking ridiculous, he has an injury, they give him a day off from training and then he has to play. Even Lowe does not give me breaks in international duty, he is not superhuman
i know. the way lvg drove him this season was utterly ridiculous. that if anything might have been 1 of the biggest faults with this season. since, due to lvg refusing to switch things up, everything became centered around bastian. has he not been benched or in the stands 1 or 2 games this season, and then due to an ankle injury or something? it's so much more than ridiculous
I feel for the guy, I think the lost final last year, then the loss to spain, and to inter again and this whole season is just too much. And then the critism.
I'm just sad now.
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