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lol United wants Neuer. ok.

Just gonna stand there and watch me save~ 

Bayern Munich are set to force through their move for Manuel Neuer amid fears in Germany that Manchester United will resurrect their interest in the Schalke goalkeeper.
Neuer produced one of the outstanding individual performances of the Champions League season against United on Tuesday, single-handedly keeping his side's faint hopes of reaching the final alive.
Ultimately, Schalke went down 2-0 but Sir Alex Ferguson led the praise for 24-year-old Neuer claiming the performance had been one of the best he'd seen against his own club.

The United boss said: 'In my time at United it’s the finest display of goalkeeping against us. I think there was a frustration towards the end of first half when he saved from Ryan. The move broke down and the players started walking back - I could sense their frustration.
'The thing that broke the camel’s back was Hernandez’s goal that was ruled out for offside. It showed that we could beat the guy.'
United's search for a new goalkeeper has been well documented ahead of Edwin van der Sar's imminent retirement, with a host of Europe's best - including Neuer - all linked to a switch to Old Trafford.

It was believed the battle for the Germany No 1 had run cold with the player himself once saying that he would only leave Germany for holiday.
In March, he said: 'I get the chance to travel abroad twice a year. During the summer holiday and again in the winter holiday. Is it crucial for a player to play abroad at one point? Some players seem to think so, but I disagree.'
In the same interview, Neuer, who was the man between the sticks when Germany humbled England at the World Cup in South Africa, suggested his future lies at Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.
'I want to win the Bundesliga at least once in my career,' he said. 'I'm a German international and I play in the Bundesliga. I really want to win our biggest national trophy.'
And despite relations between the player and the fans at Bayern, club president Uli Hoeness confirmed that negotiations would start shortly.

He said: 'We have up till now not had any negotiations. That will now be addressed. We want Manuel, and where there's a will there's a way.
He added: 'But Schalke cannot now demand an astronomical price,' especially with Neuer's contract due to expire at the end of next season.
Schalke sporting director Horst Heldt said insists he is detrmined to keep old the club's prized-asset.
He said: 'His value on the transfer market is already very high, I don't know if it can still go up. But watching this match, I said to myself, "Why sell such a player?".

Neuer, who has been at Schalke for two decades, is unpopular with fans at Bayern's Allianz Arena following an incident when the two sides met a two years ago. Neuer marked a Schalke win by mimicking former Bayern keeper Oliver Kahn’s title celebration from a few years earlier, when Bayern had secured a league title at Schalke.
Bayern fans showed their anger earlier this season by producing flags emblazoned with the phrase 'Koan Neuer' (No Neuer).

Speaking after Tuesday's match, the player admitted he was flattered by suggestions Manchester United would pull out all the stops to sign him.
He said: 'Of course it's nice to hear things like that. But we have lost 2-0 and that irritates me very much.'
Neuer has previously made clear his intentions to stay in Germany, saying: 'Manchester United was never an option for me,' he told Sky Germany.

But Peter Schmeichel, arguably the greatest goalkeeper in United's history, hopes that Neuer will change his mind and opt for a switch to England once he experiences playing at Old Trafford.

'Maybe he (Neuer) will have another think,' the Dane said. 'He's seen what Manchester United are capable of first hand.
'He's going to Old Trafford on Tuesday and it's just such a special place to play.
'He will probably experience, if nothing happens within that week, an Old Trafford crowd that absolutely welcomes him and sees him as the next goalkeeper for United.'

He added: 'If Alex Ferguson comes over to you and says, "Listen, I want you to play for my team", it's very difficult not to say "yes".'
Schmeichel, who won the treble with United in 1999, believes that Neuer would be the ideal replacement for van der Sar.
Schmeichel said: 'He (Neuer) is probably the best goalkeeper in the world.

'He is 25 years of age. He's been captain for that team for a number of years. He is very mature in the way he plays.
'He doesn't make mistakes - I haven't seen him make a single mistake - and the way he played yesterday, he wasn't lucky in the way that he saved the shots and one-on-ones, it was very calculated.
'I just thought his overall game was fantastic and absolutely well-suited for Manchester United.'


and ok i know this has nothing to do with United but this is my fav Neuer's vid. of all time.
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lol wait... does this post say united want him or not. lol desi ur title confuses meh

but SAF doesnt want him. he said so himself. and didnt neuer say that there was no interest from united even after the match?
this will help with the B1 exam ;)
"Manchester United ist anscheinend nicht an einer Verpflichtung von Nationaltorwart Manuel Neuer interessiert. Auf eine entsprechende Frage am Tag vor dem Halbfinal-Hinspiel in der Champions League bei Neuers Klub Schalke 04, antwortete Teammanager Sir Alex Ferguson mit einem Kopfschütteln und einem “No!”

ok i need to leave this place, why am i allowed to even comment. ok bye.
lmao alien get out! ;)
lol im like the odd one out here. but i cant help it ure ma friends and i just want to playyy

btw haha, did u understand the excerpt?
lol i did! yay for me! and aw, ilu and not-hate chelski too :*
besos :* good luck tomorrow, its tomorrow right? maybe the B1 test on the deutsche-welle website may help a bit, give it a try.

just log in as guest and try it if u have time
lmao ok. not happening.
hahaha. um. how about no.
I dont get how the press take, Manu saying he does not want to leave Germany and SAF saying he knows Manu is going to Bayern and turn it into, Manuel is going to United

Also, dont they have quite a bit of debt? I dont get how the press and fans seem to think if they go into a bidding war with us they'll win.
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