fanny_keats (fanny_keats) wrote in ontdbayern,

Thomas Muller gets his first post


 Thomas Müller reports on the most important stages in his still early career, the training program at FC Bayern München and the most important supports that have accompanied him along his way

Tags: #pissoffdortmund, bastian müller - are you kidding me, bastian vs the 7 evil epl clubs, desi didnt create this tag, i'm in bayern bitch, player: bastian schweinsteiger :3, player: thomas 'chicken-legs' müller, video
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Thomas muller gets no love.
We always think of Thomas as this crazy, happy-go-lucky guy, but really he's very mature and has given up a lot to do what he does. And of course, his talent level is through the roof. LOTS OF LOVE FOR THE BOY.
i adore him sfm. what a talent. this was a great interview.
He's amazing even with his ~Müller commercials lol
Our grown up little ball boy <3
Why are the vids private? :(